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Ever wondered about the value of your art, antiques and collectibles? Been searching for a safe and reliable way to sell your treasured items for top dollar? The experts at will evaluate your valuables and help you sell them - making it all possible from the comfort of your home and with just a few photographs! Click here to try Lofty’s complimentary appraisal service, or read below to learn more about how Lofty is changing the way we buy and sell art and antiques online.

What is is the trusted marketplace for valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles. Lofty specializes in fine art (paintings, prints and photography) and decorative art (sterling silver glass, and ceramics) worth $1,000+. Selling on Lofty’s online marketplace is simple and seamless. With a virtual consignment model, you keep possession of your items. Lofty finds you buyers, negotiates to get you the best possible prices, and coordinates the shipping once your items sell (at no cost to you). Listing on Lofty is free, with 25% commission charged only upon sale and absolutely no other fees. Lofty’s money-back Authenticity Guarantee is a pledge to stand behind the items they sell for five years.

Don’t know what your item is, exactly? No problem!            

Simply provide Lofty with photographs and a few important details about your items, and an expert appraiser will tell you what they are and what they’re worth.  The Lofty experts are former specialists with experience at institutions including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and the Antiques Roadshow. Once your item has been evaluated, you decide if you want to list it for sale on Lofty’s trusted online marketplace.  

Success Story: Sacrifice Paid Off

In 1979, a young couple just getting their start in New York City made what was for them an incredibly lavish purchase at ASAGE Art, the American State of the Arts Gallery Exchange. When they saw an Andy Warhol screenprint of Mick Jagger at ASAGE, they couldn’t resist buying it, even though the only way they could afford the hefty $1,000 price tag at that time was to put $100 down and pay for the piece in installments until they could finally take it home 10 months later.

More recently, record auction prices for Warhol works prompted the couple to submit the print to Lofty in the summer of 2014. When they received their evaluation, they were thrilled to learn that the print is now worth $55,000! Although they decided to keep the piece and pass it down to their children, it was rewarding to learn that those 10 months of scrimping back in 1979 were more than worth it!

Customer Service Testimonials

Clients simply love Lofty’s exceptional service and customer experience! Here’s what some of their customer had to say:  

“I reached out to Lofty as a great alternative to sell my artworks after auction houses told me it would be too expensive for them to ship and photograph my items at the requested price-point. I’m delighted to work with Lofty.” –NV from New York, New York

“I have been struggling with selling [my antiques]. I did not know where to turn for professional, quality, and knowledgeable information until I discovered Lofty. I can't thank you enough for your services.” –CC, Plainfield, NJ

“I really like selling through Lofty - the staff is probably the most amazingly professional and personable group I have ever encountered.  Most online sites the staff are unapproachable.”  –LJ from Palo Alto, California

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