has partnered with Uship!

05/28/15 has partnered with Uship!

Have you ever had an item that you just had to get, but needed it shipped?  Something so big, fragile, or far away?  Well, when it comes to shipping large items or those involving specialized transit, buying and selling online can be extremely difficult, especially for items that you find at an Estate Sale.  To offer a simple method of shipping, we have partnered with uShip! From large boats to antique pianos, rare china or a live fish tank, you can arrange transportation that fits your needs from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. Uship has over 670,000 independent transporters around the globe!

Ready to get started on your first shipment? Click here, or for more information, read below.


How does it work?

When you list your item, thousands of brokers are alerted. From there you can select which rate best fits your needs and schedule transport! You can pay online and get a real-time status alert from most carriers at pickup, delivery and everywhere in between.


What do they ship?

Uship provides customized shipping services for household goods, antiques, vehicles, powersports, boats, and livestock, just to name a few. They even have a junk category!  


How much will cost?

Through uShip, you get instant pricing on your shipment to get an upfront and bookable quote just by listing your item. As soon as you list your shipment, thousands of eligible shippers are notified. From there, the bidding among shippers begins. With uShip, you have the choice to choose from several different shipping carriers.


Is my shipment secure?

uShip has a Trust & Safety team dedicated to fraud prevention. In addition, they are there for you if any disputes arise. Uship has a Ship with Confidence Guarantee. In the event that payment is made to a uShip Service Provider and services are not rendered, items are damaged, lost or stolen, uShip reimburses up to $500. When accepting a bid, you will can select from a variety of coverage options to obtain coverage for your shipment.


Go uShip, go Green

Since 2004, uShip has made transport and trucking more affordable and efficient. They’ve matched hundreds of thousands of customers' shipments with the extra space in transporters' trucks, reducing the number of empty miles on the road and saving people millions of dollars in lowered delivery costs. With uShip, you will contribute an eco-offset to help neutralize the CO2 emissions resulting from their shipments.


Who uses uShip?

Recently Cari Cucksey, host of HGTV’s show Cash & Cari, had an awesome experience using uShip to transport a trailer. While setting up pickup, Cari said, “I can’t believe how easy this is. Seamless transaction!” She even said how polite and considerate her transporter was and was quoted, “This is so awesome, I’m receiving updates where the shipment is on my phone!”


Wanna see it in action? 

You may be familiar with A&E’s hit TV show, Shipping Wars, where independent transporters competitively bid to transport oversized, bulky loads which are found on! To see it in action, just click here