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Ever wondered about the value of your art, antiques and collectibles? Been searching for a safe and reliable way to sell your treasured items for top dollar? The experts at will evaluate your valuables and help you sell them - making it all possible from the comfort of your home and with just a few photographs! Click here to try Lofty’s complimentary appraisal service, or read below to learn more about how Lofty is changing the way we buy and sell art and antiques online.

What is is the trusted marketplace for valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles. Lofty specializes in fine art (paintings, prints and photography) and decorative art (sterling silver glass, and ceramics) worth $1,000+. Selling on Lofty’s online marketplace is simple and seamless. With a virtual consignment model, you keep possession of your items. Lofty finds you buyers, negotiates to get you the best possible prices, and coordinates the shipping once your items sell (at no cost to you). Listing on Lofty is free, with 25% commission charged only upon sale and absolutely no other fees. Lofty’s money-back Authenticity Guarantee is a pledge to stand behind the items they sell for five years.

Don’t know what your item is, exactly? No problem!            

Simply provide Lofty with photographs and a few important details about your items, and an expert appraiser will tell you what they are and what they’re worth.  The Lofty experts are former specialists with experience at institutions including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and the Antiques Roadshow. Once your item has been evaluated, you decide if you want to list it for sale on Lofty’s trusted online marketplace.  

Success Story: Sacrifice Paid Off

In 1979, a young couple just getting their start in New York City made what was for them an incredibly lavish purchase at ASAGE Art, the American State of the Arts Gallery Exchange. When they saw an Andy Warhol screenprint of Mick Jagger at ASAGE, they couldn’t resist buying it, even though the only way they could afford the hefty $1,000 price tag at that time was to put $100 down and pay for the piece in installments until they could finally take it home 10 months later.

More recently, record auction prices for Warhol works prompted the couple to submit the print to Lofty in the summer of 2014. When they received their evaluation, they were thrilled to learn that the print is now worth $55,000! Although they decided to keep the piece and pass it down to their children, it was rewarding to learn that those 10 months of scrimping back in 1979 were more than worth it!

Customer Service Testimonials

Clients simply love Lofty’s exceptional service and customer experience! Here’s what some of their customer had to say:  

“I reached out to Lofty as a great alternative to sell my artworks after auction houses told me it would be too expensive for them to ship and photograph my items at the requested price-point. I’m delighted to work with Lofty.” –NV from New York, New York

“I have been struggling with selling [my antiques]. I did not know where to turn for professional, quality, and knowledgeable information until I discovered Lofty. I can't thank you enough for your services.” –CC, Plainfield, NJ

“I really like selling through Lofty - the staff is probably the most amazingly professional and personable group I have ever encountered.  Most online sites the staff are unapproachable.”  –LJ from Palo Alto, California

Ready to try it out? Click here to start your appraisal or consignment! is proud to announce its newest feature - Help Me Hire!

Help Me Hire! is a great way to help sort through all of the companies available to you.  Based on the information you provide, we will provide you with pre-screened, licensed Estate Sale Companies to help you take the guess work out of such a big decision.  Help Me Hire! is a free service, and you aren’t under any obligation to use our suggestions.

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What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale or tag sale (as its referred to in some parts of the country) is a sale or auction to sell a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person or family.  There are many reasons for an Estate Sale, including down-sizing, moving, a need to generate money, or when a loved one passes.   

Estate Sales should be conducted by a professional (sometimes referred to as a liquidator), and they are normally paid by a percentage of the revenues. The professional may also charge the estate for the costs to give the sale, including advertising, marketing, research, labor, security, refreshments and other fees incurred in giving a successful sale.  The presence of a professional liquidator is a major help because the scope of the process is likely to be overwhelming to the sellers. The liquidator has knowledge and experience with pricing items, and general value knowledge of all types of household goods and personal property value.  Additionally their experience in how to handle unsold goods can often come in handy.


What is it like to go to an Estate Sale?

Since many people may attend, not all people may be able to fit into the confines of the house at the same time.  Often, the crowd is managed by a numbered sign-up sheet by the door or issuing numbers. Typically the estate sale company will hand out numbers on pieces of paper early on the first day to the people waiting in line. This is both a courtesy so that people may wait in their vehicles during inclement weather until the posted start time, and a way to prevent a 'mad rush' for the door when the sale begins. The holder of the sale will then call for the first 10 or 20 numbers. These people are admitted and they get first choice at the items. As they eventually leave, the next numbers are called and admitted. This way the company can control the number of people inside what is typically a cramped house.


Why don’t I see the full address for a sale?

Typically, to maintain the privacy of the home owner, as well as to allow the Estate Sale company time to prepare for the sale, the full address is withheld from the public until 24-48 hours before the sale.  For more information, you can use the “Contact Seller” button located to the right of each sale.

Have more questions?  Give us a call at 1-844-ESS-Info (1-844-377-4636)

Introducing WeGoLook!

Have you been matched with your dream car? Is it located across the country? The pictures might be perfect, but you’ll want confirmation. That is why has partnered with WeGoLook!


What is WeGoLook?

In order to confirm the functionality or condition of an item prior to purchasing anything over the web when you use WeGoLook, consider it done. is partnered with WeGoLook so our members can hire a personal agent to personally inspect your future purchase.


How does it work?

The process is seamless. First, users order an inspection report. This can be done online or over the phone. Next, the agent (or looker as they call themselves) will meet the contact on your behalf to perform the inspection. Finally, receive your report via e-mail! Based upon the data retrieved by your personal looker, you will be able to make an informed decision on your potential purchase.


About WeGoLook

WeGoLook is ideal for both individuals and businesses needing assistance with reports pertaining to auto, heavy equipment, marine equipment, recreational vehicles, electronics, antiques, furniture and even fashion. They even provide notary services, animal verifications and even date verifications! Lookers are everywhere and are ready to take photos and videos and perform whatever custom task you need them to do. With WeGoLook, you practically have the capability to be in two places at once.


Success Story

“A friend suggested WeGoLook to me when I was seeking out vintage cars outside of my state. As you know, there are a lot of bad experiences with purchasing cars that you don not look at up close. I had WeGoLook help me make an educated decision through their on site inspection with photos and videos. They were my eyes and ears through my purchasing experience. They were always on time, even with their 24 hour rush service! WeGoLook has been a very valuable asset and has saved me time and money! I highly and enthusiastically recommend WeGoLook!” -Rob, New Rochelle, New York


Have you found an item you need to get checked out? Click here to begin at has partnered with Uship! has partnered with Uship!

Have you ever had an item that you just had to get, but needed it shipped?  Something so big, fragile, or far away?  Well, when it comes to shipping large items or those involving specialized transit, buying and selling online can be extremely difficult, especially for items that you find at an Estate Sale.  To offer a simple method of shipping, we have partnered with uShip! From large boats to antique pianos, rare china or a live fish tank, you can arrange transportation that fits your needs from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. Uship has over 670,000 independent transporters around the globe!

Ready to get started on your first shipment? Click here, or for more information, read below.


How does it work?

When you list your item, thousands of brokers are alerted. From there you can select which rate best fits your needs and schedule transport! You can pay online and get a real-time status alert from most carriers at pickup, delivery and everywhere in between.


What do they ship?

Uship provides customized shipping services for household goods, antiques, vehicles, powersports, boats, and livestock, just to name a few. They even have a junk category!  


How much will cost?

Through uShip, you get instant pricing on your shipment to get an upfront and bookable quote just by listing your item. As soon as you list your shipment, thousands of eligible shippers are notified. From there, the bidding among shippers begins. With uShip, you have the choice to choose from several different shipping carriers.


Is my shipment secure?

uShip has a Trust & Safety team dedicated to fraud prevention. In addition, they are there for you if any disputes arise. Uship has a Ship with Confidence Guarantee. In the event that payment is made to a uShip Service Provider and services are not rendered, items are damaged, lost or stolen, uShip reimburses up to $500. When accepting a bid, you will can select from a variety of coverage options to obtain coverage for your shipment.


Go uShip, go Green

Since 2004, uShip has made transport and trucking more affordable and efficient. They’ve matched hundreds of thousands of customers' shipments with the extra space in transporters' trucks, reducing the number of empty miles on the road and saving people millions of dollars in lowered delivery costs. With uShip, you will contribute an eco-offset to help neutralize the CO2 emissions resulting from their shipments.


Who uses uShip?

Recently Cari Cucksey, host of HGTV’s show Cash & Cari, had an awesome experience using uShip to transport a trailer. While setting up pickup, Cari said, “I can’t believe how easy this is. Seamless transaction!” She even said how polite and considerate her transporter was and was quoted, “This is so awesome, I’m receiving updates where the shipment is on my phone!”


Wanna see it in action? 

You may be familiar with A&E’s hit TV show, Shipping Wars, where independent transporters competitively bid to transport oversized, bulky loads which are found on! To see it in action, just click here 

Cari Cucksey joins

One woman's mission to turn old into SOLD! is excited to announce that it is now partnered with Estate Sale Guru Cari Cucksey!  Cari is an Antiques Matchmaker who gives dusty relics a new lease on life. Energetic, entrepreneurial and fun, she’s the host of the hit network television show Cash & Cari, she runs RePurpose Estate Services, operates the RePurpose Shop, and refurbishes just about anything she can get her hands on. From antique furniture and vintage toys to retro electronics and classic luxury cars, she's always on the lookout for obscure treasures as she combs through basements, attics and garages. 

Cari’s distinct style and design has inspired a number of retail curations that bear her name, and has inspired countless RePurposers around the world.  Cari’s network television hit, Cash & Cari currently airs on HGTV, the W Network, Choice TV and the History Channel in countries around the world.  The show follows Cari and her company, RePurpose Estate Services, as they set up Estate Sales on her client’s property, and unearth a host of historical and valuable items.  Today, with over ten years as a professional estate liquidator, she continues her hunt for hidden treasures as she travels far and wide in search of anything she can flip and restore.

And now, Cari brings her experience and passion to, providing exclusive insights, tips and tricks to our members about everything Estate Sales!

Welcome Cari! Partners with WorthPoint! is now partnered with WorthPoint!

Estate Sale is excited to announce it has partnered with WorthPoint.  The WorthPoint Corporation is the largest resource for researching, valuing and buying/selling antiques, art and vintage collectibles.  Their suite of offerings consists of, the online resource for researching and valuing antiques, art and collectibles;, an online resource for investigating makers’ marks as well as accessing a library of virtual books from leading publishers on a wide range of collecting topics; and, the oldest, most established marketplace for buying and selling antiques, art and vintage collectibles.

WorthPoint empowers the antique and collectible industry by providing a steady stream of new data and quality information – helping improve the pricing transparency that exists between sellers and buyers.  Just as eBay created the market for more efficient trading, WorthPoint’s collection and presentation of historical pricing data is helping sellers realize better prices and buyers gain comfort that the price they are paying is fair.

WorthPoint offers both a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach as well as access to a network of professionals (appraisers) with expertise in numerous collecting verticals who can provide a more detailed valuation.  The DIY model is a comprehensive solution that gives a user access to over 136 million historical prices and images. This data is aggregated from both online marketplaces and from some of the world’s leading auction houses.

To start your free trial of WorthPoint today, click here!